Norman Whiteside's Birthday Party...

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“Open up my eagle eyes….. COS I’M NORMAN WHITESIDE!”

OUR MATE Will invited us to again play his ‘United Nights’ gig at Walkabout in Town. We were happy to oblige as payment would be free food and free Budweiser. Also on the menu this time would be Norman Whiteside, former midfield enforcer of MUFC. This meant that Dave and Squire could have their 1985 Man United Annuals signed (so long as Big Norm could find some space in & around all the crayon scribbles)

Superbikes / Robins Aren't Bobbins / Out of date Stella gig...

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ANOTHER BANK HOLIDAY weekend another Superbikes gig. The Fraudsters climbed aboard the Big Green Dream Machine (Hippy Nigel’s Merc Sprinter van) to head to Cheshire’s leafy racetrack Oulton Park. Joining us for the ride were our singer Mr X’s brother, Dave X, his mate Dan, and another guy who spoke not a word all day so although he was called Ant, we will call him Mr Silent.

After several fags & booze & piss stops on route, we rolled into sunny Oulton Park in good time for our traditional Barbeque and field sports activities. After the 99p flyaway football had been booted onto the track for the 100th time, it was 6pm and time to head over to our performance tent to unload the van and get set up. The souncheck as always generates plenty of audience banter and people up for the gig, but we had to disappoint them for now as we weren’t due on until 9.30.

The Fraudsters Charity Mini-Tour

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The weekend just after Paddy’s Day was a tester for The Fraudsters. Two gigs on the spin – David May’s Do on the Friday followed by a Saturday Bash at The Cinnamon Rooms Bowden. Both gigs were charity nights with the potential to be late night / early morning sessions with rock & roll mayhem to test even the best party manimals, let alone those members of the band who’d also been on an all day sesh for Thursday’s Irish Theme Park Day.

Davebass was driving for both gigs (that’s him clear of Stig duties for the next eight!) so The Fraudsters gathered at Fraud HQ Urmsterdam at 5.30 on Friday to load up. Well, four Frauds were at HQ. Lead singer Richie Rich was missing cos he was “still at work” according to his txt sent to Burkey….. hang on, he doesn’t even work on a Friday the skiving so & so.

Twin Birthday Party, Sale

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Well, after five months away in rehab, The Fraudsters legendary bass player Dave is back, and how does it feel: “It feels good”
Sale Masonic Hall was the venue for the return of the Prodigal Dad, a 40th birthday party for twin sisters one of whom now lives in Australia.

Our esteemed lead singer Mr X decided that because the grafter that is Dave has now returned to the fold, this was now a chance for him to relax and not do any roady-ing anymore. This was noticed early on and ensured that Mr X would take loads of stick for the rest of the night. And probably forever now aswell.

Superbikes, Oulton

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...AND.. SO to the final leg of our Oktoberfester mini-tour….. the notorious British Superbikes after-race party. We’ve been playing this gig for about three years now, twice a year, and each time it has been getting wilder and wilder…. I am now wondering exactly HOW next year could ever possibly get any more carnage than this one….

But that’s for later. For now, like any motorcycle race we will start at the beginning.